FREE CPD on Planning Effective Remote Lessons

2nd February 2021

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Free CPD on Planning Effective Remote Lessons

Remote Teaching has been the hot topic on Twitter but amidst it all, are you still feeling a little overwhelmed with how to do it effectively? You’re not alone.

Remote teaching support

Teachers all over the UK have had to transform their homes into classrooms and go from interacting with their students face to face, to teaching on zoom. Whether you’re struggling with your internet connection or just trying to keep your students motivated and focused, it’s not been easy. However, today our English Director Charlene Shaw from Your Favourite Teacher will be sharing her top tips and tricks to acing remote teaching. (You’ve got this, teachers!)

Charlene will be covering 4 main topics in this FREE CPD Webinar that can be watched at any time on Youtube. (As teachers, we know your time isn’t your own. So when you get a free half an hour, pop the kettle on and have your pen at the ready!)

What we will be covering:

  • Responding to student needs
  • Setting clear objectives for remote learning
  • Achieving high engagement rates
  • Importance of reflecting & evaluating

This Remote Teaching webinar will be applicable to all subject areas. Charlene will give you ideas on how to prepare and how to present, which is harder than it seems! Even with years of teaching experience, this is a new way of interacting with your students. This remote learning period is all about understanding how to engage with your students, even from afar.

Teaching CPD

Structure is so important, not just with your students but for yourself too. It’s so easy to lose the routine you had built and these tips will really help with your preparation and how to follow up on what your students have learned.

Free cpd webinar on remote teaching

Charlene has created a resource pack for you to use after watching our webinar, so make sure to click this link to download it. Head over to Youtube and watch this webinar and comment below to share your ideas with us!

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