Home Learning

Pricing plans

Our packages, available in GCSE Maths, English Language and English Literature offer the entire curriculum delivered in online lessons, together with assessments and revision materials...

YFT launched in 2017 with the aim of bringing high quality teaching to every classroom in the UK through the use of experienced teachers and modern technology. The positive impact within schools, and in particular, with pupils who enjoyed learning independently rather than in the classroom environment, led us to believe we could offer an invaluable resource to the Home education community.

Flexible Learning

We know that home educating can be the most liberating of experiences for many families. The flexibility home education gives your family can be life enhancing, enabling children to learn in a style and nature that suits them and their individual needs.

We are also mindful that home education comes with many challenges as parents take on the role of educator.

Package Features

The Your Favourite Teacher home package has been put together to help those in home education offering:

Real lessons by real teachers

For the entire GCSE Maths, English Literature and English Language curriculum.

Range of assessments

A variety of assessments to enable you and your child to see where the knowledge gaps are.

Revision materials

Award winning revision materials

Robust monitoring and tracking

So you can evidence how much time learning your child has done

Complete flexibility

Enabling your child to study when and where they want so long as they have an internet connection

Rewards & achievements

Reward based coin system to motivate children in their learning

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