New Physics Course Available: P2 Electricity!

7th September 2020

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We have just published our NEW physics course, P2: Electricity! The course covers current, potential difference, resistance, series circuits, parallel circuits and uses of electricity. We have a course for combined and triple science students. Just like our other courses, each lesson is equipped with a video, worksheet, topic pages and a quiz to test your knowledge! 

Below we have listed a few snippets from our course to give you an insight to what our P2: Electricity course has to offer:

Series and Parallel Circuits

In GCSE exams you often have to compare how current and potential difference behaves in series and parallel circuits.

In a series circuit the electrons in the circuit only have one way to travel. This means the current is the same everywhere and the potential difference is split between the components.


In a parallel circuit there is more than one path that the electrons can follow. For this reason the current is split between the loops in the circuit but the potential difference is the same everywhere. So the opposite of a series circuit.

Domestic Uses of Electricity

All plugs in the UK are wired in the same way to ensure safety. The diagram below shows the three wires and their layout. All mains electricity has the same frequency and potential difference. Mains electricity has a frequency because it alternating current. 


Whether you’re a teacher preparing your GCSE Physics lessons on Electricity or you’re a student looking for resources to support your revision, why not give our lessons a closer look?


Lesson List

Circuit Symbols

Current, Potential Difference and Resistance

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits

VI Characteristics

Domestic Uses, Safety and the National Grid

Energy in Electrical Circuits

Static Electricity


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